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This site teaches readers on how to manage their finances based on Biblical principles.God’s Word, the Bible, has incredible wisdom in the area of finances. There are 2,350 references in the Bible to money and material things.

God provides us with wisdom in all areas of finances including debt, budgeting, investing, counsel, stewardship, priorities, giving, cosigning, obtaining God’s peace and providing a distinction between worldly attitudes as opposed to godly attitudes with respect to money.

If you have financial questions, Just let us know and Tom or one of our trained financial coaches will advise you.

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Financial problems frequently cause significant stress and anxiety, but God can provide his peace, no matter how difficult your financial problems. Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27).

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Listen and read as to what some people have to say
about Tom Copland’s workshops on Biblical financial principles.

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There is no Better way to Live!

You handled yourself with sincerity, godliness, compassion, and excellence. Our listeners obviously felt very comfortable talking to you. We couldn’t take all of the calls. That’s a nice “problem” to have! Tom.. I know God is using you in a big way. There is no better way to live! Looking forward to having you back with us,”

K.G., Professional Radio Host

God’s Word on finances more effectively

“…people are still commenting about the significant blessing your seminar series “Handling Money God’s Way” was. We had over 200 individuals sign up for this – and about one-third of those were from outside our church – praise God!!….on one session you shared how to have a personal relationship with Christ and we offered new testaments to anyone who wanted one and over 30 people took one. … I have been using your resources with couples who ask me to marry them….This has been such a blessing to know that couples are being prepared for marriage in such a biblical and practical way….Tom we are very grateful for the way you have served, by equipping, that is enabling us to teach God’s Word on finances more effectively.”


Daily living for God

“Recently a group of pastors were discussing that their churches were falling behind in their givings and having trouble meeting budgets. I was reluctant to share, less it appear to be bragging, that our church was in fact ahead on this year’s budget and we enjoyed a sizeable surplus. Upon reflection, I concluded that one of the reasons for the excellent response was because we have been scheduling some classes and seminars on personal finances and debt reduction/elimination. One of the reasons people fail to give what they should is because they are carrying a debt load. I am finding that in addition to giving challenges, debt is placing tremendous stress on marriages and affecting people’s emotional and physical health. Recently, one of the men who was baptized in our church testified to the fact that it was through the financial teaching in our church that he got his spiritual priorities straightened out and realized what that meant for his daily living for God.”


We thank you for your ministry

“My husband and I have greatly benefited from the Debt Reduction CDs and DVDs for Businesses and Individuals.  We thank you for your ministry and the impact it has had on our lives, our family and people around us.  We would like to make monthly donations to Copland Financial Ministries and wondered if you can set up a regular monthly withrawal from our account?


A good steward of the resources God has given us

“It has become very clear that what I thought was a biblical view towards money was somewhat off base.  This course has tought me that…an intimate walk with God…is the only way to be a good steward of the resources God has given us.”


Plentiful Bible Based Financial Information

Thank you for your plentiful Bible based financial information that you so freely make available and for your assistance to your brothers and sisters in Christ. May He richly bless you and your loved ones.

                                                                                   A H, Toronto

Thank you for your plentiful Bible based financial information that you so freely make available and for your assistance to your brothers and sisters in Christ. May He richly bless you and your loved ones.                                                                                    A H, Toronto

The joy of being debt-free is tremendous

“I have been ‘debt-free’ for a few years. The joy of being debt-free is tremendous. The funds I saved enabled me to go for a few mission trips and to support other missions. I still receive your financial moments which are very helpful…and still tracking my budget using your template. I am also able to go to school for my. God always met my needs, I never have to worry about my school fees…it always showed up when I need to pay a course. Thank you for your teaching and I will continue to pray for your/God’s financial ministries.”


My Spirit Feels with your Advice.

“I am very impressed with your view on finances as it appears to me to be the most godly perspective all based on scripture.  I can also sense your sincere love and devotion to the Lord and your desire to bring Him glory.  You are seeking Him first and His kingdom and His righteousness by seeking the Holy Spirit’s individual  direction through spending time in the Word adn His presence.  My spirit feels with your advice.”

L.T., Calgary

Praying for you and Your Ministry

“Thanks again for your time and effort, prayers and encouragement. Since starting the Copland Budgeting System both my wife and I feel as if a great weight has been lifted, we feel closer to God and closer to each other. My wife says it feels as if the waters have parted and the way has been made clear.

Thank you so much for pointing us to God’s wisdom for finances. We are looking forward to working through “Financial Management – God’s Way” Praying for you and your ministry, in Jesus’ precious name.”

K & K – Greater Toronto Area

I can’t wait to tell people I know about you!

“I would just like to say that what you are doing is amazing! I know it is helping many people! I first saw you on your commercial. I am so happy to see a Christian giving Godly based wisdom on finances. I am also glad that I have your messages as a 23 year old now, that way the rest of my life could be set on the right track. Thank you for what you do, I hope that it never ceases. Your love for the Lord is admirable as well, and you are a fantastic role model. I can’t wait to tell people I know about you!:) cheers!”


Praise God for the work

“Thank you so much for your prompt response; much appreciated. I will be checking out the website. Praise God for the work you guys are doing for The Body of Christ.”

C.B. from South Africa

Very High Quality and Essential

“Your program is very high quality and essential for today’s Canadian families.  We are pleased to have posted it on our website. God bless.”

J.L. (radio host & owner-Eastern Canada)

Fabulous as always!

“You did fabulous as always!  You dove right in and tackled the subjects in such a way as to provide solid answers…but also compelling information that would cause a listener to want more info.”

N.B. (radio host-Buffalo, USA/Toronto, Canada)

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